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Benson Black Series 8.16.BBenson Black Series 8.16.BBenson Black Series 8.16.BBenson Black Series 8.16.BBenson Black Series 8.16.BBenson Black Series 8.16.BBenson Black Series 8.16.BBenson Black Series 8.16.BBenson Black Series 8.16.BBekijk video op YouTube
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Benson Black Series 8.16.B

De nieuwe Benson Black Series watchwinders vormen de meest luxe serie van dit watch winder merk. Deze moderne watchwinders worden met de hand gemaakt en bieden een unieke combinatie van moderne techniek, prachtige materialen en een stijlvol design. Met de Benson Black Series 8.16.B watchwinder wind je 8 automatische horloges op.  Deze watchwinder biedt ook opbergruimte voor 6 andere horloges. De Benson Black Series 8.16.B watchwinder is zwart van kleur en voorzien van 12 verflagen en 1 beschermende laklaag. Uiteraard heeft deze watchwinder de beschikking over een touchscreen, LED verlichting, soft-close deksel en een powerwinding functie. Elk horloge is individueel instelbaar qua draairichting en TPD (turns per day). Deze watchwinder biedt een ongekende prijs/kwaliteit verhouding en is daarmee een absolute aanrader.

Geschikt voor8 horloges
Type motorJapans
Materiaal watchwinderHout
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product properties and specs

Geschikt voor:8 horloges
Type motor:Japans
Kleur watchwinder:Zwart
Programma’s:3 programma’s (CW, CC, Alt)
Energievoorziening:Adapter (netstroom)
Materiaal watchwinder:Hout
Materiaal glas:Mineraalglas
Kleur bekleding binnenkant:Zwart
Opbergmogelijkheid voor:6 horloge(s)
Lengte:45 cm
Breedte:24 cm
Hoogte:34 cm
Gewicht:11000 gram
Instelbaar aantal toeren:Ja
LED verlichting:Ja
Overwind protectie:Ja
Power winding:Ja
Rotoren apart instelbaar :Ja
Touchscreen display:Ja
Extra functionaliteiten
Extra's:Soft close cover
Special soft velvet inside
USB port
Adapter (EU, EU or USA)
Verpakking en levering
Garantie:2 jaar
Handleiding:Ja, boekje
Verpakking:Kartonnen verpakking

reviews (15)

Review door Dhr. Borstlap uit Schilde

Toegevoegd op: 10-1-2024 om 12:21 uur
Besteldatum: 20-12-2023 om 10:20 uur
Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. Wu uit Dübendorf

Toegevoegd op: 15-6-2023 om 15:52 uur
Besteldatum: 13-2-2022 om 18:06 uur

I have waited almost 2 years to give an accurate long-term review. This is an amazing winder. The quality of the winding mechanism is on par with my swisskubik winder. the actual holder of the watch is arguably better than the holder used in swisskubik winders. If there are any issues, customer service is very quick and helpful 10/10

Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. Grinblat uit Chicago, Illinois

Toegevoegd op: 12-4-2023 om 23:33 uur
Besteldatum: 19-3-2023 om 20:58 uur

I’m exceedingly happy with the quality of the winder, especially relative to the price. Pre-sale communication, support, and shipping were all superb.

Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. Strickler uit Rockville

Toegevoegd op: 9-3-2022 om 19:46 uur
Besteldatum: 16-1-2022 om 16:53 uur

- Love the product selection and quality - Benson has fantastic offerings - Prices are very competitive, a lot of value for what you spend - Support was readily available and very responsive - Would buy again and recommend others, based on product quality and service - Website is OK: browse and search is reasonably good, account management is basic and order management is very basic (at least for international orders); as an user, I would like to self-serve for order status but needed to contact via email. Also, the email follow-ups make it unclear when items will ship. Great that email response was quick but would love to manage myself from the site like many other e-commerce sites - Note that my order failed with initial attempt with the transaction flagged by my credit card provider (Chase) as a potentially fraudulent transaction; this caused me concern that it might be a "scam" site. Would be worth to reviewing your payment processor for international sales to reduce the potential for this to occur with other customers

Reactie Watchwinders.nl:
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate that you took the time and effort to share your valuable tips for us. We do our best to improve our website and will have a chat with our bank.

Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. Caceres uit San Juan

Toegevoegd op: 18-5-2017 om 17:17 uur
Besteldatum: 3-5-2017 om 17:00 uur

I ordered a Benson Black Series winder for 8 watches. The outer construction and design of the winder box is impeccable. The black lacquered finish is spectacular. However, the craftsmanship of the actual unit left me with a bitter taste. Upon unboxing the unit, I found that 3 out of the 8 motors had become unglued. In addition there was glue residue which is very visible against the black velvet interior of the winder. Removing/replacing the watches was simple. The cradle snaps into place with minimal effort and hold the watch in place firmly. However the removable cradles that hold the watch are very flimsy and made of cheap plastic. I don't know how long they will last. When I contacted WatchWinders.com about my issues, they suggested that I just glue the motors back! I think that they missed the point of customer service. I shouldn't have to do that at all, they should just have offered to replace the unit with a new one!!! The motors work silently and are individually programmable via a touch screen. The light feature is a nice touch. One feature which would be nice to have is an out off when you open the door. This way you can simply remove the watch you want to wear without having to worry about having to turn the motor off to remove the watch should it be rotating. In summary, the winder is well designed but the assembly is lacking. For a unit of this price, the motors should be screwed into place not glued. I hope that the motors are durable. It would also be of great comfort, if replacement motors were available from the manufacturer. This way, you could easily replace a faulty motor as opposed to having to buy a new watch winder. Also, it would be nice to have replaceable watch cradles. Finally, although I've had a mediocre experience, I will buy another one as they are a good value compared to other winders in the market. I hope that the new one will be better built than the one I just purchased. If they offer replacement parts, its a slam dunk. Otherwise you are just buying a winder that will eventually break and have to buy an entire new unit, instead of just replacing the damaged motors/cradles.

Reactie Watchwinders.nl:
Thank you for your feedback. We received photos of the watch winder with one cup coming out of the board and glue residu as a result. We think it's the result of transport, but even then the cups may not come loose. We explained how the cup easily can be fixed (within 30 seconds) with a little bit of glue. Then the watch winder is perfect. When a customer is not happy with the product he/she may return within the return period.

Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. E. Benning uit Bergen

Toegevoegd op: 2-2-2017 om 17:44 uur
Besteldatum: 12-1-2017 om 01:15 uur
Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. G. Brown uit Dubai

Toegevoegd op: 27-1-2017 om 07:14 uur
Besteldatum: 16-1-2017 om 16:54 uur
Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. T. Razzioli uit Milano

Toegevoegd op: 1-1-2017 om 16:52 uur
Besteldatum: 8-10-2016 om 10:19 uur

My son and I love it. We can wind our watches now together in one watch winder.

Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. H. Knight uit Birmingham

Toegevoegd op: 30-12-2016 om 17:44 uur
Besteldatum: 13-11-2016 om 00:03 uur

The watch winder was delivered today. It really looks stunning.

Service & aftersales:

Review door Dhr. M.B.J. Jansen uit Amsterdam

Toegevoegd op: 12-8-2016 om 23:29 uur
Besteldatum: 31-7-2016 om 18:25 uur

Prachtig product en zeer schappelijk geprijsd (in vergelijking met andere merken betaal je nette prijs).

Service & aftersales:

Review door Ms. J.H. Pöllmann uit Stuttgart

Toegevoegd op: 28-7-2016 om 18:57 uur
Besteldatum: 6-6-2016 om 09:42 uur
Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. M. Kieffer uit Lille

Toegevoegd op: 9-6-2016 om 11:15 uur
Besteldatum: 18-5-2016 om 07:38 uur
Service & aftersales:

Review door Dhr. E. Nabers uit Woerden

Toegevoegd op: 30-3-2016 om 11:54 uur
Besteldatum: 20-3-2016 om 12:13 uur
Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. H. Zhing uit Hong Kong

Toegevoegd op: 14-3-2016 om 06:41 uur
Besteldatum: 18-2-2016 om 13:36 uur

Well done!

Service & aftersales:

Review door Mr. H. Jing uit Singapore

Toegevoegd op: 2-3-2016 om 08:43 uur
Besteldatum: 19-2-2016 om 10:05 uur

It works perfectly and very smooth.

Service & aftersales: